Join the Hamilton College Word Skill game!

Join others in the Hamilton College community in a fun and exciting game of Word Skill.

What is Word Skill?

Word Skill is similar to SCRABBLE and Words with Friends, except you can play against a lot of people (even thousands) in one game. Word Skill is available for iPhone and iPad, Android and on Facebook, so you can play on the device of your choice.

How Do I Play?

  1. If you don't already have Word Skill, download it:
    1. For iPhone and iPad
    2. For Android
    3. For Kindle
    4. For Facebook
  2. Select PLAY FRIEND:
    Play Friend
  3. Select OPEN GAMES:
    Open Games
  4. Enter HAMCOL for the Game ID and press JOIN:
    HAMCOL Game ID
  5. Play your word.

What if the game already started?

There is one HAMCOL game going at a time, all the time. If you join in the middle of the game, that's fine - it is still fun. Try to win individual rounds by playing the best word.

When the game ends a new one will start, and all players still in the first game will automatically be invited to the next one.

Why should I play?

Because it's a really fun game and you'll get a chance to play against a lot of other smart people in the Hamilton College community. And it's free, so there is no commitment on your part.

Can I invite others?

Sure! Just give them the Game ID of HAMCOL and they can join.